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GentleSteps™ Training

GentleSteps™ is the safest, most effective training method for pet fences.

Humane Dog Fence Training

Making sure that your pet is properly trained to their fence is a crucial step in not only keeping your pet safely and securely contained, but keeping them happy. In the past, the use of painful zaps to discourage your pet from leaving your property was the norm – now, Pet Stop® offers a new, revolutionary, pet-friendly way to train your dog to their new fence, without the use of painful electric zaps!

Here at Pet Stop of Central VA, we know that every pet is unique and has their own individual personality and learning curve needs. Our use of Pet Stop’s technologically advanced, highly customizable pet fencing products, when combined with the unique GentleSteps™ training technique allows us to customize your pet’s training experience to what best suits their personality and learning needs. By using extremely low levels of correction, positive reinforcement, and tasty training treats, learning their new fence boundaries can even be fun for your pet.

GentleSteps trained pets are happier and learn faster.

GentleSteps provides greater peace of mind.